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After a big win in Game 3, in which he made the game-winning steal, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green let off a hot take. "Everybody not made for the playoffs," Green said during his postgame press conference. "I don't know if y'all can see that. Around the league, but look around the league, and everybody just not cut out for the playoffs... You gotta give credit to guys that show up in the playoffs. It's just not a normal thing around this league. You look around and some guys that you think are guys are not guys in the playoffs. That's just what it is."

LA Clippers forward Marcus Morris sent out a Tweet in agreement with Draymond's comments, co-signing the message from Golden State's defensive anchor:

While Marcus Morris and the Clippers will not be in this year's playoffs, primarily due to Paul George entering the league's health and safety protocols prior to a win or go home play-in game, the veteran forward has proven his worth in a postseason setting. Knocking down 41.3% of his shots from deep in his time with the Clippers in the playoffs, Morris has added to his solid playoff resume. Knocking down 41.8% of his shots from deep in his playoff career, Morris' shooting splits actually improve in the postseason.

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Draymond's comments were the center of a lot of attention, but LA Clippers forward Marcus Morris seemed to agree.

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