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The Minnesota Timberwolves have been eliminated from the playoffs, but that has not stopped Patrick Beverley from being himself. The veteran guard sent out a Tweet on Thursday night that reminded the world that his Timberwolves "ended basketball in LA" this season, having beaten the Clippers in the play-in game, and aided in eliminating the Lakers from play-in contention.

Beverley signed a one-year extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves during the season, so he will likely be back with the team next year. He was integral in changing the dynamic of that team, and ultimately elevating them to a playoff-caliber level. While their season ended earlier than they hoped, it also lasted much longer than many anticipated. While a first-round exit was not the goal, Beverley is jokingly enjoying the fact that he and his Timberwolves helped keep the Clippers and Lakers out of the playoffs.

Beverley followed his Tweet up with a reminder to not take Twitter so serious, seemingly clarifying that his initial Tweet was a joke. While that should have already been evident by the hashtags, some people are always more focused on hating than they are on context. Beverley is no stranger to these haters, as he has several of them. Understanding this, he continues to unapologetically be himself, which is partially what makes him so successful.

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