Paul George Makes Very Bold Statement on Bronny James

Paul George made a massive Bronny James statement.
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In just a few short weeks, Bronny James will be starting his NBA career. It's going to be an insanely fascinating one, where many are wondering if he's going to play with his father. Paul George believes Bronny is far more than just LeBron James' son.

During an episode of Podcast P, Paul George spent a big portion of time discussing Bronny James and the type of NBA player he could become. The biggest thing that George enjoyed about Bronny, is his basketball IQ.

"What's most impressive is just his basketball savviness," George said. "His basketball IQ, he can do it all. I feel like he hasn't shown that he can really be elite at a lot of things, but I think he can be elite at a lot of things.

Paul George actually compared Bronny James to Jrue Holiday and Derrick White. The comparison to Jrue Holiday is perhaps the most boisterous, because he's been the best two-way point guard in the NBA for years.

"I compare him to like the Jrue Holidays, the Derrick Whites, guys that are glue guys, that can go do everything on the floor and help you win," George said. "That's kinda how I see him. I saw him play in AAU and he just had an ability to get guys the ball, he had an ability to make guys better, he just played such a control play. I see it. He doesn't need to be a star."

George believes drafting Bronny James could be a genius move for any NBA organization. Especially, because it's a very high reward and very low-risk situation.

"I think if an organization grabs him, and he hits, you're a genius," George said. "You drafted LeBron's son, he has all the intangibles, you know he's a good kid, you know he's a hard worker, you know he's a high-level IQ player. You hit. Someone doesn't want to be that person that says they selected Bronny."

We are just a few short days away from the NBA Draft, and after that moment, the career of Bronny James will finally begin.

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