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Spencer Dinwiddie’s time with the Brooklyn Nets could be coming to a close. As their core seems to be staying intact, with Kyrie Irving and James Harden dominating the guard positions, there doesn’t seem to be a long-term fit for Dinwiddie as he approaches free agency.

After declining the player option on the last year of his deal, there appears to be real interest from Spencer Dinwiddie in joining the Los Angeles Clippers, per Kristian Winfield of New York Daily News. Reggie Jackson played the point guard position perfectly for them down the stretch of the season, but it might have been a little too perfect.

As Jackson enters free agency as well, he looks to be lining himself up for a pretty nice deal that may be out of the Clippers’ range, opening up a possible spot for a Dinwiddie insertion.

Now, there’s no doubt he fills that hole for them this off-season from a longterm fit perspective, but how would this deal actually look? Well, it would have to be operated through a sign-and-trade, since they would have nowhere near the cap space to sign him straight up.

A sign-and-trade wouldn’t be a cakewalk either, since although he’s coming off a partially torn ACL, the money that he'll command will assuredly start at a high number.  To that point, matching that type of salary could put the Clippers in a complicated spot.

Would Dinwiddie rather accept a bigger role and a larger deal with someone else, or join a team that just reached the Western Conference Finals without their star player? Reports show that the interest is real to get back to LA where he spent most of his time rehabbing his injury, and perfectly timed, the Clippers look to be in need for a player of his caliber.