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The change from Staples Center to Arena is becoming real. On Monday morning, photos were captured of the iconic Staples Center sign being removed from the building.

The new name is supposed to go into effect at the end of December, but changes are already starting to be seen. In addition to the sign being taken down, Staples Center has already made the change to Arena across their social media accounts.

LA Clippers star Paul George was asked about the name change when it was first announced, and said that "It'll be weird. I grew up with Staples Center being the place to play and the place to be. It will definitely be weird. It's the same location, but it's kind of stripping history here by calling it something else... Good thing we won't be here too long, we'll be at our own place."

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Opinions on the change differ, with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban saying that he thought the deal was brilliant. Cuban elaborated on his initial thoughts, stating that these crypto companies are killing it right now. His did have one concern, and it was focused on the fact that these companies are often based outside of the United States, due to certain regulations that exist in America. Cuban would like to seek ways to bring these companies back into the United States.

Staples Center is iconic, and despite the differing opinions on the change to arena, the new name will certainly take some getting used to. 

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