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The world is patiently waiting for a Kawhi Leonard return, as the LA Clippers continue to bolster their roster with the recent addition of John Wall. Steve Ballmer provided a brief Kawhi Leonard update during a community event.

“I’m really excited," Steve Ballmer said. "Kawhi’s in the gym, he’s working. We’ve got our fingers crossed that everything keeps going on schedule."

The Clippers were already a favorite to win the NBA Championship prior to acquiring John Wall, but now their chances have gone up even greater in the eyes of many around the league. As such, the NBA world has been waiting to see what this team's true potential is like, once they're finally healthy - that goes for Clippers owner Steve Ballmer too.

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“Boy, I’m really excited about our team," Ballmer said. "I think we have a great group, great spirit, great energy. I think we got a great draft pick...The sky’s the limit for our team… Of course, you’ve gotta have a little bit of good luck to win the Larry O’Brien trophy, which is what we’d really like."

This season will truly be the best team the LA Clippers have ever put together in franchise history. The biggest question, as always, will be a matter of health and availability. Winning an NBA Championship isn't always about who has the best team, but also who is the healthiest and luckiest.

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