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If there's one positive that Clipper fans can take away from the Clippers losing the last 6 out of 8 games, it's that the team is aware of their mistakes and they're remaining optimistic.

"We just didn’t get on track with what we wanted to do defensively," Luke Kennard said. "It’s something we have to fix and fix right away. I think we got the guys in the locker room, that are willing to do that and willing to trust in each other, to make the changes we need to start getting more wins." 

Despite losing the last 6 out of the last 8 games, the Clippers aren't expecting to lose. The hope within the team is that they can use this latest back-to-back to bounce right back into the win column.

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"It’s been a rough stretch," Luke Kennard said. "It’s not fun when we’re losing. We don’t expect to lose. We expect to win. That’s what we’re here for. Hopefully, we can bounce back. We have two games back-to-back. It’s the best chance; the quickest opportunity, to get back into the winning column; the winning track. So hopefully we bounce back soon."

The Clippers know what they're doing wrong. They know that they're playing soft, playing without effort, and making the offense harder on themselves. In previous losses, the process has been good for them, the ball just didn't go in. In these recent losses, there's almost nothing positive to take away from it - they're just getting routinely flat-out embarrassed by inferior teams. If they don't fix it immediately, the team will have a losing record.

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