One of the most famous moments in NBA history is when Allen Iverson stepped over Ty Lue in the NBA Finals. While some people may look at it as a disrespectful and funny moment, Lue doesn't look at it that way at all.

"Iverson making it to the Finals really saved my career," Lue said to Howard Beck in a 2016 interview. "Without Iverson, there probably wouldn't be me. If Milwaukee would have beat Philly, I wouldn't have played. So that could have possibly been my last year in the NBA. People don't understand that."

The revisionist history of that famous stepover moment has people believing that Allen Iverson crossed up Ty Lue - he didn't. Looking at the actual moment, Lue contested Iverson's shot and the slipped shortly thereafter. Iverson was actually 18/41 from the field that game, and 48/121 over the next four games. Regardless, it was still an iconic and awesome moment.

"The funny part about it, people think like he crossed me over, I fell down and then he stepped," Lue said. "I contested his shot. And I'm walking backwards, and I step on his foot and I fall. And he stepped over me. And they make a big deal out of it."

As Howard Beck mentioned in his story, that stepover moment allowed Lue to get a job with the Washington Wizards within a month later, giving Lue the chance to play with Michael Jordan. It's a moment in time that people like to look down on Lue, but it was one that helped move him upwards.

"The stepover definitely made me famous," Lue said. "The thing with Allen Iverson is, he made me."

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