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While his season came to an abrupt and disappointing end, entering health and safety protocols just hours before the final play-in game, LA Clippers star Paul George is still making offseason moves. The All-Star forward recently shared a new Nike advertisement on Instagram that he starred in, showcasing PG’s line with the brand. George’s Nike partnership has been a successful one for several years now, as his shoes are always amongst the most popular on the court. In this latest advertisement, the message was focused on never giving up.

The message is a fitting one for a player like Paul George, who has faced a significant amount of adversity throughout his career. From injuries that many never recover from, to seemingly unshakable narratives about his playoff insufficiencies, George has showed a consistent ability to bounce back. With that resiliency as an undeniable part of his career, the LA Clippers star is able to perfectly represent this message that Nike is trying to send.

While Paul George and the Clippers would rather be in the playoffs right now than watching from the sidelines, there is reason for optimism that the team can really thrive next season. For now, George is using his time off to spread positivity through his partnership with Nike.

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