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After the LA Clippers suffered a play-in loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, veteran forward Marcus Morris said the team could use a backup point guard. "I would say one of our biggest needs is a backup point guard," Morris said. "We played a lot of the season without one. T-Mann did a great job stepping in, being a backup PG. The whole season we didn't have a backup point guard. That's probably the biggest thing." With the team parting ways with Eric Bledsoe at the deadline, creating this vacancy, could the Clippers look to Kemba Walker to fill their backup point guard role next season?

In a recent article from NBA Analysis Network's Greg Patuto, a Kemba Walker to the LA Clippers trade was proposed. The proposed trade structure was illogical, as it had Walker headed to the Clippers for nothing in exchange; however, the idea itself may be workable. With Walker owed $9.1M next season, and the Clippers capped out in salary, the team would be unable to take him on without sending something out in return. Because the Knicks likely desire to part ways with Walker, a buyout could become possible in which the Clippers could then claim the veteran point guard for the minimum; however, parting ways with any of the players under contract for the Clippers in exchange for Kemba is a tough sell.

Amongst the potentially available backup point guard options for next season, Walker, even at this stage of his career, will certainly be near the top of that list; however, he is not worth any of the current depth pieces the Clippers would need to send out in order to make the salaries work. For that reason, a Kemba Walker to the LA Clippers trade is unlikely.

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