Boston Celtics Champion Makes Unexpected Call After NBA Finals

This was a feel good moment.
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Xavier Tillman Jr. may not have been one of the most important players on the Memphis Grizzlies, but he was one of the most beloved. From the moment that he was traded to the Celtics, all of his former Grizzlies teammates were rooting for his success, and it paid off.

As soon as Xavier Tillman won an NBA championship with the Boston Celtics he made a call to one of his former teammates - Jaren Jackson Jr. Both Jaren Jackson Jr. and Tillman posted the call on Instagram with the caption, "signed, sealed, and delivered."

In a recent interview with Spartans Illustrated, Tillman actually called Jackson one of his closest friends.

“(Jaren Jackson Jr.) is one of my closest friends," Tillman said. "I've known him since I was, like, 16, 17? We've been playing against each other our whole lives, but like, 16, 17 we met. And then we played AU together. Then we were at Michigan State and got a chance to play in the NBA together. It's been awesome.”

Now that Xavier Tillman Jr. became an NBA champion, the only thing left is for Jaren Jackson Jr. to fulfill his end of the deal. While the Memphis Grizzlies didn't make much noise this season due to injuries, they're definitely going to be a team to watchout for next season.

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