NBA Legend's Passionate Statement on Caitlin Clark's Olympic Snub

There are two sides to the argument.
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Caitlin Clark being left off of Team USA's Olympic roster remains one of the biggest subjects in all of basketball. It's not just media members that are talking about it, former NBA players and legends also are.

Former Memphis Grizzlies guard and 8x NBA All-Star Vince Carter was a guest on FanDuelTV's Run It Back show where he made a passionate statement about Clark's snub.

"You say marketing, cool, that's fine. Marketing's all great. So, you put Caitlin on the team. Alright, cool. Now, we're going to have another argument about why is she playing - she's marketable, but is she the best player? Right now, I don’t think she's better than some of the girls on there," Carter said. "She’s more marketable than most of them, she's brought a lot of eyeballs to the game."

In Vince Carter's eyes, the Olympics are about winning. Caitlin Clark is already getting cheap-shotted by players in the WNBA, how would they feel if she made Team USA solely off of marketability? It would only make the situation worse.

"It's about winning," Carter said. "Then what comes next, well they're going to win anyway. Okay, cool. Well, is she gonna play? Also, what do the players think?"

The Team USA roster is a very tough predictament for the Olympics committee. Having Caitlin Clark on the roster would be a guaranteed way to boost viewership and sales, but it could also just cause more dysfunction on the team - there is no right answerr.

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