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Fans Have Mixed Reaction To Pat Bev Including Tyler Herro On `Least White Team'

Patrick Beverley made a team of top five white players who don't act white. It drew cheers and jeers

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro is rated No. 1 in at least one NBA category. 

He is apparently is the league's "least white player." This is according to Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley, who named his top five on a recent edition of his podcast. The list included Chet Holmgren (Oklahoma City), Alex Caruso (Chicago Bulls), Donte Divincenzo (New York Knicks) and Garrison Matthews (Atlanta Hawks). 

The term "least white" means exactly how it sounds. These are white players who basically would better adapt in non-white communities than others. 

"He irks me sometimes but boy got game," Beverley said of Herro. "He walked up to me in the bubble. Mind you, this is my first time seeing him, `What's up Bev?' 

Beverley then responded, `What, who (expletive) is you talking to? Then I foul him or something. [Herro says] `Oh, nah, I like that."' 

After Beverley introduced his team, he ended by saying, "Cool, little crew. I'll take these n***** wherever they want to go." 

The majority of fans thought it was a cool badge of honor for the team. It's unlikely that any of the players would take offense. After all, Herro has been known for his "drip" ever since entering the league in 2019. Jimmy Butler often comments on Herro's swag. 

But not everyone was OK with the list, largely because of the racial element. In fact, some social media users called Beverley's actions racist. Naturally, the upset fans wondered the reaction if there was a team for the "least black players" in the NBA. 

Personally, I'm almost certain Beverley, who has one of the more entertaining podcasts, wasn't trying to offend anyone. But race is such a prevalent topic that even the slightest of touches on the subject can ignite a fire. 

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