Lakers News: Anthony Davis Opens Up About His Future In LA

Will Davis remain with the team going forward?
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Much of the talk around the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason has been about what will happen with star LeBron James and rightfully so. James is eligible to opt out of the final year of his current contract to become a free agent.

However, many believe that James will ultimately stay with the Lakers for the final chapter of his legendary career. But not many have been talking about what the future holds for the Lakers' other star, Anthony Davis.

Davis is under contract with the team for multiple years but he could always ask for a trade-out if he becomes a bad situation. Davis addressed his future in Los Angeles while appearing on the Join the Lobby podcast.

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He made it clear that he still has things to prove before he hangs it up and that being with the Lakers remains a part of that. This is great news for the Lakers as Davis represents the future of the organization with James likely to retire in the next year or two.

Los Angeles will have to rebuild around him and look for another co-star. Davis isn't super young either but he is still in the prime of his career. Look for the Lakers to begin the post-James era, with Davis being the centerpiece in that equation.

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