Lakers News: JJ Redick May Have Hinted About Becoming New LA Head Coach

Did Redick hint anything here?
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While coaching rumors swirl around the Los Angeles Lakers, the name JJ Redick continues to make its way to becoming a potential reality. Redick has been rising around the NBA as a candidate, with the Lakers job being the most likely for him.

Currently a broadcaster and podcaster, Redick does a podcast with Lakers star LeBron James called Mind the Game. This has led to many speculating that Redick has been talking with James about this and that James is interested in him becoming his head coach.

Within the latest episode, both James and Redick were discussing how James's son, Bronny James, has handled the media scrutiny surrounding his draft entrance. James was joking that the media was running with narratives because he wasn't saying anything about his own free agency.

Redick then chimed in and possibly hinted about the rumors of him being the favorite for the Lakers open job.

"There's other things happening in the NBA world, non-playoff related, I feel like the NBA media is using as well."

While he didn't flat say anything about the rumors, he seemed to be hinting toward it. James let out a massive laugh during the podcast after Redick said this, giving more possible credibility to the rumors.

While Redick has no experience coaching at the NBA level, he is seen very highly among NBA circles. The Lakers believe in his ability to lead this team now and in the future, which has landed him as the presumed favorite.

If Redick is ultimately hired by the Lakers, he will enter into a situation like he has never experienced before. The expectations that are put on this job are extreme but he is a confident individual and the front office isn't going to hire just anyone. Some may not like the hire but anyone hired is a question mark so maybe the team wants to do something different.

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