Beal Scores 60 In Wiz Loss: Trade-Minded Mavs Fans Wonder How ‘Pissed’ Is He?

Bradley Beal Scores 60 - In A Loss: Trade-Minded Dallas Mavs Fans Wonder - Is He Unhappy With The Washington Wizards Yet?
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If you are a Dallas Mavs fan hoping that someday, the gifted Bradley Beal will be “pissed” enough to want out of Washington ...

Well, on Wednesday night you got half your wish. 

"I'm pissed off," Beal said after the game, a Washington loss to the Sixers that drops the Wizards to 2-6. ... but most notably featured Beal totaling 60 points.

Beal said his big-scoring games "don't count'' because they always come with team failure.

"I'm mad. I don't count (them),'' he said. "Any of my career-highs, they've been in losses. So I don't give a damn. You can throw it right out the window with the other two or three I've had."

The Dallas Mavs, meanwhile, are in the process of trying to turn around their own start, now at 3-4 and at Denver on Thursday ... with coach Rick Carlisle working his way through his own "pissed'' emotions in the early-going. To wit:

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The difference? Most people would agree Dallas' Luka Doncic-led future is bright. Meanwhile, Washington appears to be stuck ... being Washington.

The All-Star Beal has never tried to gripe his way out of town, and that's too his credit. His desire to win is his only "problem,'' which recently led to him skipping a recent media session.

And then pretty much apologizing to the media the next day.


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Beal has for almost a decade now been a good soldier for the Wizards. A good soldier who also scores 30 points per game. And who on some nights a good soldier who scores 60 points in a game.

But the good soldier is stuck on a bad team.

We've discussed before whether Dallas has enough in the cupboard to make a legit trade offer to Washington; there's no way to know that for sure.

But we know three things for certain:

1) The Mavs' title chances would benefit enormously by adding a player of this caliber and a person of this quality.

2) The Wizards, always been adamant about their lack of interest in a trade, are going nowhere as presently constructed.

3) Bradley Beal is "pissed.''