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WATCH: Boban Day at the Dallas Zoo

Boban Marjanovic's off day is highly entertaining as the Dallas Mavericks' good-time guy hangs out at the Dallas Zoo

DALLAS - Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanovic's amusing personality is incredibly likeable and entertaining. And just when you thought it wasn't possible to like 'Bobi' any more ... The fan favorite spent his off-day at the Dallas Zoo, learning about lions, elephants, hippos, chimpanzees and giraffes. 

The 7-foot-4, 32-year-old's "cheat day" was documented and produced by Team Whistle in partnership with Devour.

The former Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers big man is beloved in Dallas. Marjanovic proved to be a great teammate and veteran presence for the young Mavs team this season.

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Bobi explored the largest and oldest zoo in Texas and concluded that he is most like the lions because of their team attitude. 

In the videos above, Bobi divulges that mac-and-cheese and soft pretzels are some of his favorites bites on his cheat day. He says that star Luka Doncic would be his favorite teammate with whom to experience a cheat day, because they enjoy the same type of food, especially European food. 

Bobi also answered the burning question, 'What is the best part about being 7-foot-4?'

"The best part is everyone can see you. You can be walking around and people will be like, 'Oh! Boban is here!" said Marjanovic.

Marjanovic and the Mavs don't have many off-days left before training camp begins, which is slated for Dec. 18. The upcoming 2020-21 season is set to start on Dec. 22 with a reduced 72-game season.