Brooklyn Nets Could use In-Season Tournament as Way Into NBA Playoffs

Raising the stakes for the In-season tournament is being discussed for the 2024-25 season.

Everything came crumbling down for the Brooklyn Nets this season after ending their five-year streak of getting to the playoffs.

If they would have successfully clinched a playoff berth this season, that would have marked six consecutive years of making the playoffs. After the news of Vince Carter getting his jersey retired at Barclays Center, it's time for the Nets to set their sights on the next banner they could hang with Carter: The in-season tournament championship banner.

Something to keep in mind is that NBA commissioner is thinking about raising the stakes to the tournament, and this could involve some sort of priority for the playoffs going down at the end of the season. In December, the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Lakers squared off for the first ever in-season tournament Final. The Lakers came out on top to win the NBA Cup and LeBron James came away with the tournament MVP.

In attendance for that game was Silver as well who as per ESPN's Tim Bontemps said, "I want to thank all of the players in the league and the coaches, of course, the teams, for embracing this new concept, I know it doesn't come without challenges. There's no doubt there's some things that we are learning this time through ... Probably people are tired of hearing the word 'tweak."

Rumors are spiraling within the league amongst players, coaches and exectives that the prize for winning this Cup will not only be individual prize money and a championship banner moving forward, but also some sort of priority for the upcoming playoffs leading up to the end of each season's campaign. With that being said, the Nets should up for the challenge after reshuffling their coaching staff lately.

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Ajayi Brown


Ajayi has covered the NBA for several years, most notably covering the league at large for SLAM and the Brooklyn Nets at several outlets before joining Inside the Nets.