Denver Nuggets Coach Reveals Truth About Trade Rumors

The Denver Nuggets have decisions to make this offseason.
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After falling short in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, the Denver Nuggets have some very important decisions to make this offseason. There are clear glaring holes on the roster and head coach Michael Malone knows that.

During an interview on the Jim Rome Show, Nuggets head coach Michael Malone opened up about potentially trading the team's pick in the draft and improving the team's roster.

"Currently, we hold the number 28th selection in the first round," Malone said. "You have some options. You can hold on to 28, you can maybe trade that pick. Those are discussions that are ongoing. We know that we have the best starting five in the NBA. Analytically speaking, they've been terrific - their net rating, offense, defense, all that."

Regardless of how good the Denver Nuggets' starting five lineup is, Michael Malone knows that he played them too much throughout the regular season and playoffs. The level of depth they had with Bruce Brown and Jeff Green was pivotal to winning the championship in 2023 and was pivotal to why they lost in 2024.

"I think you always have to challenge yourself to become a better team," Malone said. "You can never have enough shooting and players off your bench that can come in and operate in a manner where you're not running your starters into the ground. That's one thing I've been thinking a lot about."

With the NBA Finals potentially coming to an end very soon, the Denver Nuggets will officially start their serious conversations about the offseason imminently.

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