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NBA Legend Makes Strong LeBron James Statement

Carmelo Anthony wants people to appreciate LeBron James
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Speaking on his 7PM in Brooklyn podcast, a Wave Sports + Entertainment Original, NBA and Denver Nuggets legend Carmelo Anthony implored fans to appreciate Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James reaching 40,000 career points.

"First of all, 40K is crazy," Anthony said. "40K is crazy. We will never see that. No one is touching that 40K. [Passing] Kareem was crazy, but 40,000 is different. So I hope people are not overlooking it… I think we should really cherish these moments. We are so quick to move on to the next topic and the next headline and the next story. But we gotta cherish these moments. 40K is crazy." 

Anthony makes a strong point about the current desire to move on from one thing to another, and doesn't want to see that happen in this case. When it comes to James, NBA fans can at times become used to his greatness without grasping the magnitude of his accomplishments. This is what Anthony does not want to see happen, as he mentioned on his podcast.

Close friends with James, Anthony has played with and against him in the NBA. Coming into the league with the Denver Nuggets as part of the same 2003 NBA Draft that James went first overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers in, Anthony is tied to the Lakers star in many ways on and off the court.

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