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Buying or Selling Latest Spurs Rumors Ahead of 2022 NBA Draft

Should we be buying or selling the latest Spurs rumors?

The San Antonio Spurs will have no shortage of options when it comes to making roster changes this offseason. The tools are there between having three first-round picks and being one of the few teams with cap space. 

There already is a solid foundation established for the Spurs to build around, and it starts with Dejounte Murray, who is coming off his first All-Star campaign. Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell have made strides in their development, and the team has some solid veteran role players.

Earlier in the offseason, the Spurs were speculated as a logical landing spot for Zach LaVine in free agency. However, there wasn't explicit reported interest in the All-Star guard coming to San Antonio. Now, there's been reporting that they are too far from contention to be of interest. 

There has been a new wave of rumors to keep an eye on that directly involve the Spurs. Some involve the NBA Draft, while others have to do with potential restricted free agency targets. 

Let's determine if we should be buying or selling the latest Spurs rumors: 

Spurs' Plans Using 9th Overall Pick

Jalen Duren, Memphis Tigers, NBA Draft, San Antonio Spurs

As the NBA Draft nears, there doesn't appear to be a clear consensus on what the San Antonio Spurs will do with the 9th overall pick. Some seem to have them taking a big while others see them going with a wing. 

According to Rafael Barlowe of NBA Big Board, several scouts and agents have shared their belief the Spurs are targeting a 'traditional center' with the 9th overall pick like Jalen Duren and Mark Williams.

"Several scouts and agents I have spoken with believe the Spurs have their sights set on a traditional center, with Jalen Duren and Mark Williams in the mix for the ninth pick."

It's challenging to have too great of a read for what any team is planning when they aren't among the first picks. The plan for NBA teams is frequently to take the best player available, especially when selecting in the lottery. 

There tend to typically be some surprising selections made or trades that shake up how the rest of the draft plays out. The Spurs seem to be suited to go with the best player available, it just remains to be seen who that is by the time the 9th pick is on the clock. 

Verdict: Selling the Spurs are set on a traditional big. Buying they'd select one if it fits the best player available approach. 

Spurs Hold OG Anunoby Trade Interest?

OG Anunoby, San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors have some players who are dissatisfied with their role with OG Anunoby being the focus of the reporting. He's quickly emerged at the forefront of NBA trade rumors as the draft nears. 

According to Matt Moore of Action Network, Anunoby could be a name to watch in trade speculation with the Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs joining the Portland Trail Blazers as potential suitors to watch. 

Among the potential trade partners for an Anunoby deal, Portland is consistently mentioned as a possibility, along with Denver and San Antonio. The Blazers are expected to be aggressive with the seventh pick in trade talks as they look to get win-now talent back around Damian Lillard.

The Trail Blazers could be among the teams in the market for Anunoby given they have a need for a wing and have the No. 7 overall pick at their disposal to acquire one. 

An important factor in the Spurs' favor could be the potential enticing trade package they can offer. The Raptors will want a substantial return in exchange for Anunoby. Perhaps a top 10 pick and a potential answer at center in Jakob Poeltl could be of interest.

In a conversation with NBA Analysis Network, one former NBA executive identified the Spurs as an ideal trade suitor for Anunoby The rationale included the standing in San Antonio's offense he would have while filling a need.

“If role is a concern for OG Anunoby as it sounds like it is, the Spurs may be his best bet. They don’t have a superstar taking a ton of shots and they could use a stronger wing to play the four next to Keldon Johnson.”

The Spurs could benefit from addressing the four in their starting lineup around Dejounte Murray, Devin Vassell, and Keldon Johnson. Executing a trade for Anunoby would offer an intriguing answer for the role. 

Verdict: Buying the Spurs have trade interest in Anunoby. The Raptors probably won't part with him if they don't have to. 

Spurs Targeting NBA Draft Trade-Up?

San Antonio Spurs

In case you haven't heard, the Spurs have quite a few picks in the 2022 NBA Draft at their disposal. They hold the 9th, 20th, 25th, and 38th picks. The late first-round picks resulted from recent trades involving Thaddeus Young and Derrick White. 

Numerous reports have indicated the Spurs are expected to be active on draft night in pursuit of a potential trade-up. The latest among those reports is from NBA Big Board’s Rafael Barlowe.

The San Antonio Spurs have four picks (Nos. 9, 20, 25 and 38) and are expected to be active on draft night and especially looking to move up. 

It doesn't take a complicated explanation for this one. It's a lot to bring in four rookies all at once. Consolidating to an extent by trading from one of their spots at the very least would be an effective way to resolve it. 

Trading up from the No. 20 pick would be the most likely option when considering how challenging it can be to make deals inside the top 10. Teams typically aren't looking to move down from a great spot in the order to take on late first-round picks.

Verdict: Buying the Spurs want to trade up. That's a lot of picks to hold onto in the same class. 

Spurs Among Logical Collin Sexton Suitors?

Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs

Among the key names that have been linked to the Spurs at times has been Collin Sexton, who is set to reach restricted free agency this offseason. Given the Cleveland Cavaliers are now building around Darius Garland, he's viewed as an attainable volume scorer. 

There's been recent mention of the Los Angeles Lakers as a potential suitor for Collin Sexton, who is signed to Klutch Sports, due to his representation's ties to LeBron James. A former league executive told NBA Analysis Network that it would be unrealistic for the Los Angeles Lakers to be a possible sign-and-trade for Sexton. 

“That would be very tough to make happen for a few big reasons. The Lakers are already close to $150 million in payroll so the hard cap would be a problem in most scenarios. Regardless, Talen Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn are their biggest non-star salaries to match salary with in a trade, and they aren’t appealing trade chips.”

The Detroit Pistons were singled out as a particularly logical landing spot for Sexton as they pursue a secondary ball-handler to pair with Cade Cunningham. The Indiana Pacers and Spurs are considered more realistic than the Lakers.

“Sexton is probably going to be a target for some point guard needy team with cap space like the Pistons. Even teams like the Pacers or Spurs that have the flexibility to make a move and could use a shot creator are more realistic suitors for Sexton than the Lakers.”

Much like the NBA Draft, there are a lot of factors that come into play for some outcomes to transpire. The free agency of Collin Sexton will be one of those factors. He isn't the type of talent that will set the market; what others decide to do could impact his potential landing spot.

For example, the Pistons are currently linked to Sexton as a potential suitor. However, it's already been reported that they could be out of the market for a guard if Jaden Ivey is available for them to select with the 5th pick. 

If the Spurs strike out on their top options in free agency and Sexton is still available, perhaps it becomes a consideration to sign him. He's a talented scorer, and the price in such a situation could be favorable. 

Verdict: Buying the Spurs as a logical landing spot. He likely won't be a priority to pursue, though. 

Spurs On the List of Deandre Ayton Landing Spots?

Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns

The Spurs will be linked to many talented players as a potential landing spot, and Deandre Ayton has become a common one. Not many teams have cap space to work with this offseason, and San Antonio has a track record of being a competent, competitive franchise. 

The team Ayton signs his offer sheet with is going to need to check a few boxes. Not only will they need to be willing to offer a max contract to him, but they will also need to have an enticing trade package to offer the Suns to execute a sign-and-trade. 

According to Marc Stein, the Spurs, Raptors, Trail Blazers, Pistons, and Hawks have been mentioned as potential landing spots for Ayton. More teams will surely be interested in acquiring him if the Suns prove willing to part with him in a sign-and-trade.

San Antonio, Toronto, Portland, Detroit and Atlanta have all been mentioned as potential Ayton suitors. There are bound to be more if the Suns are indeed ready to move on and Ayton is truly gettable. 

The Suns could construct a solid sign-and-trade package given they have a serviceable talent like Poeltl to send as a replacement center. San Antonio also has veteran talents like Doug McDermott and Josh Richardson, who could be effective rotation pieces in Phoenix. 

Unlike Sexton, Ayton will be the priority for quite a few teams wanting to make an upgrade at center this offseason. What he seeks in a team remains to be seen. 

Verdict: Buying the Spurs as a potential Deandre Ayton landing spot. Ayton's plan is what matters here. 

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