Steph Curry Finally Reveals Long-Awaited Announcement

This was a year in the making.
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A year ago, Steph Curry visited Sony Pictures Animation for what seemed to be an exciting announcement that he teased on Instagram. Fast forward one year later, and Curry has finally revealed what the announcement is going to be.

It turns out, that Steph Curry is going to produce an animated sports movie called "GOAT" at Sony with Bob's Burgers alumni Tyree Dillihay set to direct. Curry and his co-founder Erick Peyton at Unanimous Media will produce the film with Michelle Raimo Kouyate.

“With ‘GOAT,’ we look forward to uplifting audiences with diverse characters and heartwarming storylines that will have you rooting for the underdog,” said Curry and Peyton.

The film already has a very stacked production cast filled with multiple nominated producers and directors. Director Tyree Dillihay himself has been nominated for two Primetime Emmys with Bob's Burgers.

“As a lifelong fan of animation and sports, ‘GOAT’ is my dream project,” said Dillihay. “We’ve got a modern take on a classic story in a rich new world where amazing happens. I couldn’t ask for a better team of collaborators to help bring this experiential event to life.”

Sony Pictures will release "GOAT" in theaters on February 13, 2026 - a date that perfectly times with NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles. Following in the footsteps of Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry has the chance to do something truly special with his new animated project.

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