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Twitter Reacts to Cardinals' Beatdown From 49ers in Mexico City

When life gives you lemons, you go to Twitter and complain. Let's look at what went down on the bird app during the Arizona Cardinals blowout loss.

When the Arizona Cardinals lose football games, the world hardly notices. However, when you lose in the fashion that the Cardinals managed against the San Francisco 49ers, the internet will have some things to say.

Twitter had an absolute field day roasting the Cardinals and all you can do is laugh through the pain and the tears if you're a fan of the team. Join me as we look at the "best" of Twitter from the Cardinals' Monday Night Football bout with the 49ers in Mexico City.

While the night was mostly negative, it was nice to see J.J. Watt continue his pregame traditions in a different country and toss the pigskin around pregame with fans.

Watt is truly a class act wherever in the world he may be.

Remember when the Cardinals had a quarterback controversy between Kyler Murray and Colt McCoy? Good times.

While McCoy is an awesome backup and a great story, he is certainly nowhere near Murray's level of play. Monday night should hopefully have silenced any doubters or naysayers. 

And while Murray was sitting there watching the Cardinals get pummeled, one has to wonder if he was mentally somewhere else.

Honestly, these jokes just write themselves.

Perhaps things will be different when Murray gets his hands on Madden this offseason.

Truly, I am sorry for feeding a fed horse as PETA would say... but sometimes these jokes are too good not to share.

The Cardinals collectively were pitiful when it came to tackling against the 49ers, and his clip exemplifies that perfectly.

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Nothing like a good ole fashioned "business decision," amirite?

There are business decisions, and then there's a straight-up inability to cover. This was largely the case when it came to guarding Brandon Aiyuk for the Cardinals. FanDuel summed it up well with this gem...

There was some hope that a red-hot Cardinals pass rush would be able to rattle Jimmy Garoppolo a bit for an upset. After all, the Cardinals had recorded eight sacks in its last three games. Alas, that was not even remotely the case on Monday night.

The lack of pressure led to a lot of big plays from the 49ers, as well. At some point, it felt like you knew what was coming and all you could do was watch in horror.

To put a bow on all of this, this tweet sums up how we all felt watching this beat down:

We are one week closer to the offseason, people. One grueling week at a time... but man, this loss was as deflating as they come. On to the next, I suppose.

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