Dak Prescott's bracelet has a special meaning, connection to fan (PHOTO)

Dak Prescott continues to show his connection to a fan he recently met as the Cowboys quarterback was wearing a bracelet with a special meaning.
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The story of Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys International Fan of the Year Eduardo Flores was already heartwarming. It’s even more so now that Flores spotted Prescott showing the meeting between the two was more than just a passing moment.

Flores met Prescott in person at the quarterback’s Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation gala and credited Prescott with saving his life. Flores said he hit a low when his father passed, but Prescott’s openness about depression and mental health got him on the right path.

Flores also gave Prescott a friendship bracelet when the two met and shared a picture on Twitter Thursday, showing Dak wearing the gift on the practice field.

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Flores shared a picture of himself next to Prescott and showed them wearing the same “Faith, Fight, Finish” bracelet. For him, that connects Flores with his favorite player, while Dak is surely wearing it to remember why he does what he does every day.

Prescott has always been quick to show his appreciation for the fans and is known as one of the most genuinely nice guys in the NFL. However, some hold that against him, including Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw, who says Prescott lacks the “nastiness ” needed to win.

Prescott isn’t going to suddenly change who he is to appease analysts, and that’s a good thing. He’s a strong leader because he’s genuine, and that leadership goes a long way when it comes to quarterbacking at the NFL level.

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