Clueless NFL fans rip Zeke Elliott after watching his training video

Ezekiel Elliott might not be the star he once was, but NFL fans ripping his training video have no business laughing.
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott / Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

NFL fans can be an exciting bunch. They’ll pour their heart and soul into a franchise, and at times, their moods are dictators by that team's success — or failure.

That passion often manifests weirdly, such as when people unashamedly bash anything to do with the Dallas Cowboys. The latest example happened after an Ezekiel Elliott training video made the rounds on the app formerly known as Twitter.

Brandon Loree of Blogging the Boys shared a video of Zeke working out with Josh Hicks of 3Hunnid Fitness. Elliott displays surprising quickness in making cuts but fans are having a field day due to the fact that trash cans are used in the workout.

Fans quickly began to rip Elliott saying it was too bad he won’t “play against trash cans.” Others made fun of his efforts saying it wouldn’t amount to anything on the field.

One commenter even believed he gave Zeke the ultimate insult, saying he was doing all this for “50 yards per game.”

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This comment especially highlights the cluelessness of these insults. Not only is Elliott making cuts that would tear the ACL and Achilles in each leg of the commenters, but 50 yards per game is no laughing matter. That average through 17 games would be 850 yards — which Dallas would gladly take from Elliott in 2024.

Indeed, Zeke isn’t the player he once was, but he can serve a purpose in this offense. His power and ability to avoid negative yardage make him an ideal fit as a short-yardage back. If he can pick up several first downs per game and punch the ball into the end zone when they get inside the five, that’s a win. If he can do that and gain 850 yards, the Cowboys will be the ones laughing.

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