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VIDEO - Spring Of Dak: Bahamas, Boxing And Cowboys Workouts

Welcome to 'The Spring Of Dak,' eventful in most every imaginable way for the Cowboys QB
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FRISCO - It's supposed to be the "NFL offseason,'' but when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, it doesn't really work that way.

Still, it can be Cowboys "vacation season'' - and in the case of Dak Prescott, was exactly that. ... right before continuing the ankle rehab and getting back to work.

"The Spring Of Dak'' was eventful in most every imaginable way. And "imagination'' is apparently a key when it come to covering all aspects of the unsigned QB of "America's Team.''

We'll get to that in a moment, but first ... what's Dak up to?

dak beach full

We were told that earlier in the week he was vacationing in Florida, and now there is video (barefoot-in-the-sand) evidence of that, alongside girlfriend Natalie Buffett, from February.

Then, at the end of that week, Prescott was back in DFW and delighting some kids with a visit to a 7-on-7 tournament.

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But when it comes to covering Dak, facts are not enough. Speculation is also part of the game. Right, Stephen A. Smith?

Part of "The Spring of Dak'' was about silliness.

*The opinionist talked on First Take on Thursday about, well, the Cowboys trading Dak Prescott to the Houston Texans for Deshaun Watson.

Easy-peasy, right?

Well, Smith said it, but we broke down what it would really mean for the Cowboys and the Texans to swap Prescott and Watson.

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*The Cowboys left Prescott out of their 2021 Hype video, and thereby an intern’s digital portfolio takes a huge hit.

*Prescott followed the Washington Football Team on social media, and, well, everyone overreacted.

*Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson expressed his displeasure with getting sacked so much, so much so that the rumor mill started turning that Wilson might want out of Seattle. Of course, that engulfed the Cowboys, too.

*An NFL insider says it’s going to take at least $40 million per year to keep Prescott. As we said at the time ... New information? Nah. Correct information? Probably.

And indeed, eventually that deal got done, $40 mil times four years, and a contract that came along with Super Bowl talk from Dak.

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*And then we had Dak Prescott - who as we reported, contrary to some, that the ankle will be fine, medically, despite the second surgery - frolicking on the beach and on the field.

Fast-forward to this month, and Dak is back in the sunshine, with more work with kids, in Orlando ...

... and then with Natalie, in the Bahamas for her birthday ...

But then back in the gym ... sweeping (or something, with Ezekiel Elliott, courtesy Sandersfit_ on Instagram) ...

... and boxing, maybe.


Soon enough? Football.