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Should Cowboys Use Michael Gallup As NFL Draft 'Trade Bait'?

Cowboys Blitzcast: One possible trade ‘carrot’ the team can dangle is Michael Gallup.
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FRISCO - If the Dallas Cowboys want to make an NFL Draft-time trade? One possible trade ‘carrot’ the team can dangle is Michael Gallup - and that is no insult to the Dallas wide receiver.

Welcome to the “Daily Blitz” by DSP Media in partnership with, hosted by Indy Car Tim ...

The NFL Draft is getting closer. And so are big decisions on guys like Gallup. 

The much-anticipated NFL Draft starts Thursday and we think the Cowboys are already ‘on the clock’ in regard to coming up with creative ways to take full advantage of their existing picks, while maybe trying to finagle a few extra picks as well.

Why get extra picks? To package together in order to end up with fewer picks - lower quantity, higher quality.

What does Gallup have to do with this? 

He is talented. He is affordable. He is coveted. 

A recent media idea featured Amari Cooper being swapped to Miami in a way that lands the Cowboys the Florida tight end Kyle Pitts, with our add to the conversation that the money saved on Cooper can then be given to Gallup.

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But, Indy Car Tim theorizes, maybe the possible trade ‘carrot’ the team can dangle is Michael Gallup. 

Entering the last year of his rookie deal, is he the ‘bait’ the Cowboys should be fishing with? Let’s discuss!

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