Dolphins 2024 Game-By-Game Predictions Times Two

Breaking down every game on the Miami Dolphins schedule
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Now that the Miami Dolphins' 2024 regular season schedule has been released, it's time for the obligatory game-by-game predictions.

These should be viewed as a baseline more than hard-set predictions because things obviously will change — and maybe quite a bit — between now and September and even more so between now and the time of each game.

With that said, here are game-by-game predictions from both Fan Nation Dolphins Publisher Alain Poupart and Sports Illustrated NFL writer Matt Verderame.


Week 1 — Jacksonville at Miami

Poupart: Win, Dolphins record 1-0

Verderame: Win, Dolphins record 1-0

Week 2 — Buffalo at Miami

Poupart: Win, record 2-0

Verderame: Win, record 2-0

Week 3 — Miami at Seattle

Poupart: Loss, record 2-1

Verderame: Loss, record 2-1

Week 4 — Tennessee at Miami

Poupart: Win, record 3-1

Verderame: Win, record 3-1

Week 5 — Miami at New England

Poupart: Win, record 4-1

Verderame: Loss, record 3-2

Week 7 — Miami at Indianapolis

Poupart: Win, record 5-1

Verderame: Win, record 4-2

Week 8 — Arizona at Miami

Poupart: Win, record 6-1

Verderame: Win, record 5-2

Week 9 — Miami at Buffalo

Poupart: Loss, record 6-2

Verderame: Loss, record 5-3

Week 10 — Miami at L.A. Rams

Poupart: Loss, record 6-3

Verderame: Win, record 6-3

Week 11 — Las Vegas at Miami

Poupart: Win, record 7-3

Verderame: Win, record 7-3

Week 12 — New England at Miami

Poupart: Win, record 8-3

Verderame: Win, record 8-3

Week 13 — Miami at Green Bay

Poupart: Loss, record 8-4

Verderame: Loss, record 8-4

Week 14 — N.Y. Jets at Miami

Poupart: Win, record 9-4

Verderame: Loss, record 8-5

Week 15 — Miami at Houston

Poupart: Loss, record 9-5

Verderame: Loss, record 8-6

Week 16 — San Francisco at Miami

Poupart: Loss, record 9-6

Verderame: Loss, record 8-7

Week 17 — Miami at Cleveland

Poupart: Loss, record 9-7

Verderame: Loss, record 8-8

Week 18 — Miami at N.Y. Jets

Poupart: Win, record 10-7

Verderame: Win, record 9-8


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Alain Poupart is the publisher/editor of and co-host of the All Dolphins Podcast. Alain has covered the Miami Dolphins on a full-time basis since 1989 for various publications and media outlets, including Dolphin Digest, The Associated Press, the Dolphins team website, and the Fan Nation Network (part of Sports Illustrated). In addition to being a credentialed member of the Miami Dolphins press corps, Alain has covered three Super Bowls (for, Football News and the Montreal Gazette), the annual NFL draft, the Senior Bowl, and the NFL Scouting Combine. During his almost 40 years in journalism, which began at the now-defunct Miami News, Alain has covered practically every sport at one time or another, from tennis to golf, baseball, basketball and everything in between. The career also included time as a copy editor, including work on several books such as "Still Perfect," an inside look at the Miami Dolphins' 1972 perfect season. A native of Montreal, Canada, whose first language is French, Alain grew up a huge hockey fan but soon developed a love for all sports, including NFL football. He has lived in South Florida since the 1980s.