2024 NFL Schedule: AFC Team Record Predictions

The back-to-back Super Bowl champion Chiefs remain the class of the conference, but watch out for the Bengals and Texans.
Kelce, Reid and the Chiefs remain the team to catch, celebrating their third Super Bowl championship in the past five years in 2023-24.
Kelce, Reid and the Chiefs remain the team to catch, celebrating their third Super Bowl championship in the past five years in 2023-24. / Michael Chow / USA TODAY NETWORK

The 2024 NFL schedule was released Wednesday night. We’ve known the opponents for each team since the regular season’s end, but now each week is set.

Going into the 2024 campaign, the AFC is about who can catch the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and Co. have reached the Super Bowl four of the last five years, including three titles and back-to-back championships.

Looking at the league-wide slate, there are a few teams that have the best shot of dethroning the champs, whether it be because of head-to-head battles, or a favorable schedule. 

Let’s break down each AFC team with record predictions.

Baltimore Ravens: 11–6

Wins: vs. Bengals, vs. Browns, vs. Steelers, vs. Broncos, vs. Raiders, vs. Commanders, vs. Bills, at Browns, at Chargers, at Giants, at Buccaneers

Losses: vs. Eagles, at Bengals, at Steelers, at Cowboys, at Chiefs, at Texans

The Ravens have a tough schedule, largely because they play in the conference’s toughest division. They also have tough road dates with the Chiefs and Cowboys. However, Baltimore does have a manageable home slate with the Commanders, Raiders and Broncos all coming to M&T Bank Stadium. Expect the Ravens to be a force again.

Buffalo Bills: 10–7

Wins: vs. Dolphins, vs. Jets, vs. Patriots, vs. Cardinals, vs. Jaguars, vs. Titans, at Patriots, at Jets, at Colts, at Seahawks

Losses: at Dolphins, at Texans, at Rams, at Ravens, at Lions, vs. Chiefs, vs. 49ers

The divisional slate for the Bills is difficult, but the nondivisional schedule is very challenging. Buffalo has to face both Super Bowl participants from a year ago in the Chiefs and 49ers, along with road tilts against the Rams, Texans, Seahawks, Ravens and Lions.

Cincinnati Bengals: 12–5

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow
Burrow is back on the field after missing most of last season due to injuries. / Cara Owsley/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Wins: vs. Ravens, vs. Browns, vs. Broncos, vs. Raiders, vs. Commanders, vs. Patriots, at Steelers, at Chargers, at Giants, at Titans, at Panthers, at Chiefs

Losses: vs. Eagles, vs. Steelers, at Ravens, at Browns, at Cowboys

While last year was a slog for the Bengals due to Joe Burrow’s injuries, things are looking up for Cincinnati. Because of the down season, Burrow and Co. have a last-place schedule, making their docket much easier than most other AFC contenders. The Bengals could be a threat for the conference’s top seed.

Cleveland Browns: 9–8

Wins: vs. Bengals, vs. Steelers, vs. Chargers, vs. Giants, vs. Dolphins, vs. Cowboys, at Broncos, at Commanders, at Saints

Losses: vs. Ravens, vs. Chiefs, at Bengals, at Ravens, at Steelers, at Raiders, at Eagles, at Jaguars

The Browns will be fighting for a playoff spot, and there are a few games to keep a close eye on that could swing things. Their road games with the Saints and Jaguars could be key, specifically Jacksonville, a potential key tiebreaker. Cleveland also needs to at least split within the AFC North.

Denver Broncos: 2–15

Wins: vs. Raiders, vs. Panthers

Losses: vs. Chiefs, vs. Chargers, vs. Falcons, vs. Browns, vs. Steelers, vs. Colts, at Chiefs, at Raiders, at Chargers, at Ravens, at Bengals, at Saints, at Buccaneers, at Jets, at Seahawks

Are the Broncos going to win a road game this year? The schedule isn’t fun, but the roster is even more dire. Denver has a chance to have the No. 1 pick, and how it does away from home could determine that outcome. It’s likely going to be a long year for the Broncos.

Houston Texans: 11–6

Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud
Stroud had a magical rookie season, leading the Texans to the playoffs. / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Wins: vs. Colts, vs. Titans, at Jaguars, vs. Bills, vs. Bears, vs. Lions, vs. Dolphins, vs. Ravens, at Titans, at Vikings, at Patriots

Losses: vs. Jaguars, at Colts, at Packers, at Jets, at Chiefs, at Cowboys

The Texans are rightfully getting plenty of love going into 2024, but the schedule is brutal. Outside of the AFC South games, Houston will play the Chiefs, Packers and Jets on the road along with the Bills, Dolphins, Lions, Steelers and Bears all visiting NRG Stadium. It won’t be an easy road to defending the division title.

Indianapolis Colts: 8–9

Wins: vs. Texans, vs. Jaguars, vs. Titans, vs. Bears, vs. Steelers, at Patriots, at Broncos, at Giants

Losses: at Texans, at Jaguars, at Titans, vs. Bills, vs. Lions, vs. Dolphins, at Packers, at Vikings, at Jets

The Colts have a chance to compete for the AFC South or win a wild-card spot. That said, having to contend with the AFC East and NFC North divisions will make things problematic. For Indianapolis, the key could be handling a tough home slate including dates with Buffalo, Miami, Detroit and Chicago.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 10–7

Wins: vs. Colts, vs. Titans, vs. Packers, vs. Vikings, vs. Patriots, vs. Jets, vs. Browns, at Texans, at Raiders, at Bears

Losses: vs. Texans, at Colts, at Titans, at Bills, at Lions, at Dolphins, at Eagles

The Jaguars are looking to bounce back after falling apart after an 8–3 start in 2023. For Jacksonville, it has a second-place schedule, including games with the Eagles, Raiders and Browns. If the Jaguars are going to overtake Houston and win the AFC South crown, winning at least two of those three games is paramount.

Kansas CIty Chiefs: 14–3

Wins: vs. Broncos, vs. Raiders, vs. Chargers, vs. Ravens, vs. Saints, vs. Texans, at Broncos, at Raiders, at Chargers, at Falcons, at Panthers, at Browns, at Steelers, at Bills

Losses: vs. Bengals, vs. Buccaneers, at 49ers

There will be no shortage of marquee games on the Chiefs’ schedule. Kansas City has the Bills, Texans, 49ers, Bengals and Ravens on the nondivisional docket, along with road dates against the Browns and Steelers. While the strength of schedule isn’t too difficult based on the six AFC West games, the Chiefs don’t have a cakewalk.

Las Vegas Raiders: 5–12

Wins: vs. Broncos, vs. Chargers, vs. Panthers, vs. Browns, at Buccaneers

Losses: vs. Chiefs, vs. Falcons, vs. Steelers, vs. Jaguars, at Chiefs, at Broncos, at Chargers, at Ravens, at Bengals, at Saints, at Dolphins, at Rams

The Raiders have a handful of winnable games on their schedule, but how often are they going to have the advantage under center? That’s the big problem for Las Vegas in the macro sense, and also a bit of good news considering the NFC South and AFC North only have two combined star quarterbacks. 

Los Angeles Chargers: 8–9

Wins: vs. Broncos, vs. Raiders, vs. Saints, vs. Buccaneers, vs. Titans, at Broncos, at Panthers, at Patriots

Losses: vs. Chiefs, vs. Ravens, vs. Bengals, at Chiefs, at Raiders, at Cardinals, at Falcons, at Browns, at Steelers

For years, the Chargers have always been an offseason darling, perpetually overrated and overhyped. This season, they have a chance to be a bit better than expected largely because they play a fourth-place schedule. Los Angeles will see the Titans, Cardinals and Patriots, along with a quartet of winnable games against the Raiders and Broncos.

Miami Dolphins: 9–8

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa
Tagovailoa is awaiting a contract extension from the Dolphins. / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Wins: vs. Bills, vs. Patriots, vs. Cardinals, vs. Jaguars, vs. Titans, vs. Raiders, at Jets, at Colts, at Rams

Losses: vs. Jets, vs. 49ers, at Bills, at Patriots, at Texans, at Seahawks, at Browns, at Packers

The Dolphins are in their third year under head coach Mike McDaniel, and they’re hoping to advance to the playoffs for the first time. It won’t be easy, with road games against the Texans, Seahawks, Rams, Packers, Bills and Jets. The big key for Miami could be at least splitting those games.

New England Patriots: 4–13

Wins: vs. Jets, vs. Dolphins, vs. Seahawks, at Cardinals

Losses: vs. Bills, vs. Texans, vs. Colts, vs. Rams, vs. Chargers, at Dolphins, at Jets, at Bills, at Jaguars, at 49ers, at Titans, at Bengals, at Bears

This is a relaunch for the Patriots, who have a new coach, general manager and quarterback. If New England wins only a few games but Drake Maye looks like a star, that’s success. Looking at the schedule, the Patriots will need to be tough at home and maybe steal a few on the road.

New York Jets: 9-8

Wins: vs. Patriots, vs. Texans, vs. Colts, vs. Rams, vs. Seahawks, vs. Broncos, at Dolphins, at Cardinals, at Titans

Losses: vs. Bills, vs. Dolphins, at Bills, at Patriots, at Jaguars, at 49ers, at Steelers, at Vikings

The Jets have expectations once again after adding linemen and receiver Mike Williams around Aaron Rodgers. And with a third-place schedule, New York will have an opportunity to get a few wins against opponents such as the Vikings, Broncos and Steelers. If the Jets are going to make a push for the AFC East crown, those have to be victories.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 9–8

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Tomlin has never had a losing season coaching the Steelers. / Kirby Leei-USA TODAY Sports

Wins: vs. Browns, vs. Ravens, vs. Chargers, vs. Giants, vs. Jets, at Bengals, at Broncos, at Raiders, at Commanders

Losses: vs. Bengals, vs. Cowboys, vs. Chiefs, at Ravens, at Browns, at Colts, at Eagles, at Falcons

The Steelers have a brutal schedule, largely because they play in the AFC North. They also have the Cowboys, Eagles, Chiefs and Chargers. However, only Philadelphia is a road game, and that’s a short trip. Pittsburgh has a chance to make a divisional push, and reach the playoffs for the fourth time in five years.

Tennessee Titans: 5–12

Wins: vs. Jaguars, vs. Colts, vs. Vikings, vs. Patriots, at Commanders

Losses: vs. Texans, vs. Packers, vs. Jets, vs. Bengals, at Texans, at Colts, at Jaguars, at Bills, at Bears, at Lions, at Dolphins, at Chargers

The Titans have fully revamped their offensive arsenal with receivers Tyler Boyd and Calvin Ridley, and running back Tony Pollard. Facing a last-place schedule, Tennessee has a chance to be competitive if second-year quarterback Will Levis steps up. The Titans do have a tough road slate, though, including the Dolphins, Bills, Texans, Jaguars, Bears and Lions. 

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