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Former Lions RB Coach: Lions' Issues Not All Matt Patricia's Fault

Former running backs coach Kyle Caskey explains why the Detroit Lions struggled in 2020

Kyle Caskey was the Detroit Lions' running backs coach for the past two seasons. 

Prior to joining the Lions, Caskey spent nine seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, where he began as an assistant offensive line coach.

He was let go after the 2020 season, along with several members of Matt Patricia's coaching staff. 

In an interview with CBS Sports Radio, Caskey explained what he has been working on this offseason and what contributed to some of the struggles of his former team. 

"I wouldn't put the blame necessarily all on Matt Patricia," Caskey said. "That's where a lot of people are trying to go with it. What I think just happened is we just hit a little spot of injuries on defense. We weren't able to stop anybody there for a little while. It spiraled out of control for a little while. Unfortunately, it cost people jobs. It cost me my job."

He added, "I wouldn't blame it all on the defense. That is where we had some injuries. Offensively, there was a point there where we were looking pretty good at the beginning of the 2019 season. Then, Matthew Stafford got hurt. When you lose your number one quarterback, it just kind of spirals. Stafford played for most of the season this year. He was pretty beat up, too. We lost D'Andre Swift for a little while to concussion issues. It's a players' game, and when your players aren't performing or they are not able to, it's hard to pull yourself out of that, at that point. That's kind of what happened."

Caskey also shared that he has been aiding Alabama quarterback Mac Jones in his preparation for the 2021 NFL draft. 

He is networking, and awaiting his next opportunity to coach again in the NFL -- with the ultimate goal of becoming a head coach one day in the league. 

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