Scouting Marvin Hall

Former NFL scout Daniel Kelly provides his scouting report on Lions receiver Marvin Hall
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It is alarming how much differently Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Hall looks in 2020 compared to 2019. 

On the grading scale we used to use with the Jets, we gave the player a numerical grade with either an arrow going up, an arrow going sideways or an arrow going down. 

If the arrow was going up, that meant the player's level of play was ascending. It was expected he would get even better. 

If the arrow was going sideways, that meant his level of play basically had leveled out. He had reached his proverbial ceiling. 

However, if the arrow was going down, that meant his level of play was declining. 

Hall's arrow is going down. 

They say the average player lasts 3.3 years in the NFL. Hall is in year No. 4 out of the University of Washington. 

Some players' level of play declines like you are walking down a flight of stairs. It is a steady decline over maybe say two, three or four seasons. It is subtle. 

Others decline and decline quickly, like Hall. 

2019 games evaluated: 9/8 vs. AZ, 9/15 vs. LAC, 9/22 vs. PHI, 10/14 vs. GB, 10/27 vs. NYG, 11/3 vs. OAK, 11/10 vs. CHI and 11/17 vs. DAL.

WR #17 Marvin Hall - 5-foot-10, 190 pounds (a backup) 

Grade: B (Good player, but not elite; he's good enough to win with, however)

Scouting Report

Very limited reps. Showed big-play capability when he was in there, and they went to him. Showed he could get deep. Big-play receiver. Got deep against GB, NYG and DAL. Fast-looking while running routes. Has some real speed, and it builds. Got some separation. Caught it with his hands. Took a handoff, and turned on the speed and hit the edge. Someone to be very aware of if and when he is in the game. This guy is a weapon. He can, and has hit the home-run ball.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Hall runs for a touchdown against the Washington Football Team. 

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Hall runs for a touchdown against the Washington Football Team. 

2020 games evaluated: 9/13 vs. CHI, 9/20 vs. GB, 10/4 vs. NO, 10/18 vs. JAX, 10/25 vs. ATL, 11/1 vs. IND, 11/8 vs. MIN, 11/15 vs. WSH, 11/22 vs. CAR and 11/26 vs. HOU. 

Grade: C (average)

Scouting Report 

Diminutive-looking possession receiver, with average playing speed, hands and flexibility. Mostly used in short-to-intermediate routes, but occasionally will get an opportunity deep. Drives into routes, but tends to round off breakpoints and is not able to get much of any real separation from corners at any route level. Shows very average playing speed. No second gear. Can catch with his hands at times, but he does not have sure hands. Drops some he should catch. At times, will body catch. Tends to jump for passes when he does not need to. Not able to get any YAC (yards after catch). Not a natural catcher. Struggles to adjust back to the ball, especially intermediate to deep. Was on display in games against NO and ATL. 

Has stepped in when Kenny Golladay has been out, but has not stepped up. Has been inserted at kick returner, but looks average in that role. Has some special teams value, but not much. At times, looks good (had deep TDs against IND and WSH). But, at other times, looks borderline awkward, like when the ball bounced off his helmet against IND. Looks average, in every sense of the word. Does not look like starting material.

When it comes to Hall, he's a receiver that can still beat defenses deep on occasion. And, he's shown some good chemistry with Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford in the past, especially last year. 

I'm just not a big fan, and feel like the Lions could do better.

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