SI NFL Team Publishers Week 7 Predictions

John Maakaron

Week 7 of the NFL regular season is now upon us.

The New York Giants could not hold a lead late and were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles, 22-21.

The game will forever be remembered for Giants quarterback Daniel Jones' 80-yard run. 

It was quite the run by the young quarterback, but Jones was unable to rush into the end zone when he stumbled and fell all on his own near the 5-yard line. 

Last week, yours truly was only able to pick 8 games correctly. 

On the season, I have settled into the middle of the leaderboard, correctly picking 66% of games (60-30-1).

Nine staffers correctly picked 10 games correctly in Week 6.

Every single staffer bombed on the Patriots, as nobody seemed brave enough to predict that the Broncos would be able to beat Belichick. 

There were however two brave souls who predicted Kirk Cousins would let them down and correctly picked the Falcons to score the upset. 

In the coming weeks, SI All Lions will publish weekly NFL predictions from the team of NFL publishers.

Picks will also be included weekly from the team of SI Fantasy and SI Gambling experts.

Be sure to check back weekly to see who ends up the leader at the end of the season.

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No. 1-1

Yea I don’t know anyone who picked Denver either over Patriots