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What Is the Trade Market for Pick No. 7 in 2021 NFL Draft?

General manager Brad Holmes discussed if other NFL teams have called the Detroit Lions inquiring about the No. 7 overall pick.

The NFL trades that took place last week sent shockwaves all across the league. 

The San Francisco 49ers moved up to the No. 3 spot in this year's draft by trading the No. 12 pick and two future first rounders and a third rounder to the Miami Dolphins. 

Miami then quickly moved back up into the No. 6 spot, trading a first rounder they received from San Francisco to the Philadephia Eagles to move up one spot ahead of the Detroit Lions at No. 6.

Speaking with reporters, general manager Brad Holmes was asked if he had received any phone calls on Friday from teams inquiring about moving up to the No. 7 spot in this year's draft. 

"I can’t say that my phone was blowing up, but obviously have had discussions with different teams, but I can’t say just on Friday that my phone was blowing up," Holmes explained. 

Will Detroit's front office have to modify their plans now that a team has moved up while another has moved to a spot directly in front of them?

"It doesn't really change what our focus is and what our approach is and what our plan is," Holmes said 

"Things won't really surprise you so much when you start seeing that movement kind of go around in front of you, or whatever the case is, you're really not caught off guard," Holmes explained further. "Not saying that I knew things were going to happen, but when it happened and when they unfold, you're really not caught off guard, but it doesn't change really our approach in terms of what our plans are."

Holmes expressed that he and the staff will be prepared for most any scenario, whether it be staying put and taking the best player, or reviewing different scenarios that involve making a deal with another organization. 

"We do our work that we do and make sure that we can do as much as we can in terms of making sure that we're aware of what's behind us, what's in front of us," Homes said. "There's players that we feel really, really good about that you know, staying at where we're currently are, that we feel comfortable with selecting. So, that's not the sole focus in terms of that.

"But you've got to just be prepared for everything, and so, we kind of do our work in making sure that we're best prepared as possible in terms of what may happen for the teams behind us or in front of us."

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