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Roundtable: How Much Should It Bother Fans That Lions Couldn't Trade No. 3 Pick?

The latest SI All Lions Roundtable focuses on the reaction of fans and pundits to the Miami Dolphins trading the No. 3 overall pick in this year's draft

1.) How do you think the recent NFL Draft trades impact the Detroit Lions? 

Vito Chirco: Well, with the San Francisco 49ers acquiring the No. 3 overall pick from the Miami Dolphins, I'm thinking it all but eliminates three quarterbacks from the Lions' draft board -- Trevor Lawrence (slotted to the Jacksonville Jaguars), Zach Wilson (slotted to the N.Y. Jets) and Mac Jones, Trey Lance or Justin Fields (slotted to the 49ers). 

But, it could also be where Kyle Shanahan and San Francisco traded up to get a wideout at No. 3 -- whether it be Ja'Marr Chase or one of the talented Alabama wideouts (DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle). Whoever it ends up being, it seems like it'll likely be a player that Detroit had its eyes on at No. 7. 

Adam Strozynski: If you didn't think the Lions were taking or considering taking a quarterback at No. 7, then I dont think this alters too much for you. However, quarterback seems to be a premium in this draft, and depending on how it all plays out, a team like New England or Washington could become trade partners with the Lions at 7, to grab whoever is left -- if it values that player.

2.) Does it bother you even more now that the Lions could not trade down from No. 3 in 2020, when you see what Miami was able to accomplish? 

Chirco: Absolutely. You know that the Lions had offers for the pick, and just chose not to make a move out of stubbornness. 

And what makes it even more infuriating is the lackluster production the organization got from Jeff Okudah during his rookie campaign. It's left many fans and pundits alike pondering whether he's an NFL-caliber starting cornerback. 

Strozynski: Oh my God, yes! The mismanagement of that draft and pick, specifically, will forever bother me. I'm heated currently.

Okudah defends New Orleans Saints receiver Tre'Quan Smith.

Okudah defends New Orleans Saints receiver Tre'Quan Smith.

3.) Do you think the Lions will still take a chance on LB Micah Parsons, after you heard how he handles questions about his character? 

Chirco: With last season's regime, led by ex-Detroit general manager Bob Quinn, I think the answer would have been no. 

But, with this present regime, spearheaded by Brad Holmes in the front office, I think the answer will be yes. 

Parsons addressed the concerns about his character during his Penn State pro day media session Thursday. 

"At the end of the day, I believe that I was a kid," Parsons said. "I was 17-18. We all made mistakes when we were 17-18. I’m not going to let it control or dictate the person I am now. I’m not going to let something that was 3-4 years (ago) dictate who I've become and the father I want to be." 

While it's fair to bring up his involvement in a 2020 hazing lawsuit that a former Penn State player filed against the university and coach James Franklin (no charges were filed), I think it's also fair to allow him to prove that his so-called "character" issues are a thing of the past. 

From all accounts, the picks that Holmes & Co. make in this year's draft will be based upon the "best player available" strategy. And, by the time Detroit's selection rolls around at No. 7 overall, Parsons could very well be the best player available. 

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As a result, I think the Lions -- with the lawsuit taken into account -- will still be willing to take a chance on the Penn State product. 

Strozynski: The Lions are in an interesting spot. So, obviously not high enough to get a guy that teams are clamoring for, but still in the top 10. 

Depending on if they can move or not, I think they are taking the best player available. If it's Parsons, then it's Parsons. If it's Kyle Pitts, then it's the tight end who will play a lot of wide reciever. I dont think Parsons' off-field issues will hold him back. 

4.) Did the Lions make the right call to restructure Jared Goff's contract? 

Chirco: So, the Lions decided to take $20 million of Goff’s 2021 salary and convert it into a signing bonus that goes into Goff’s pockets immediately. 

In doing so, Holmes & Co. are dispersing Goff's cap hit over 2022, 2023 and 2024 evenly -- equating to $5 million extra per year. 

Sure, it means that Goff will be on the Lions' roster not only for 2021 now but also for 2022. 

However, I'm still in favor of what Detroit did with Goff's contract. 

Holmes & Co. were basically hamstrung with what they could do to create extra cap space for the immediate future, and the signing bonus isn't going to cost the organization a ton over the next three seasons. 

Instead, it seems rather cost effective, and it's not like the Lions won't draft a quarterback moving forward just because of Goff being on the payroll. If they have their eyes set on someone, expect them to still pull the trigger.

Strozynski: They absolutely did. You give yourself cap flexibility this year, opening up $15M. Let's be honest, Goff was the Lions' quarterback this season -- and the next day that the trade was completed. And I don't think it's a bad move.

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