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Poll: Do You Trust Chris Spielman to Aid Detroit Lions?

Do you believe Chris Spielman will help Sheila Ford Hamp and Rod Wood hire the correct front office staff?

The hiring of former Detroit Lions linebacker Chris Spielman as a special assistant was intended to aid principal owner Sheila Ford Hamp and team president Rod Wood in selecting the next front office regime. 

"Obviously, I said Chris (Spielman) had been on my mind for a long time, and that’s probably one of the big reasons in addition to all the skills that he brings independent of his connection to the Lions," Wood said Tuesday. "I said we want to create a Detroit Lions culture, and I think having somebody who’s been here, understands the community, the fans, the blue-collar mentality of this town and how much our fans want us to win and how much Chris wants to win and how much Sheila wants to win and I want to win. Having somebody that’s kind of been here, that was a home run. I’m so glad that Chris was open to taking my call, and I’m so glad we kind of figured out a role that works. It was a big part of it, for sure.”

While the overwhelming majority have agreed with the hire, some may still have a bad taste in their mouth from the last occasion hired a former player turned NFL broadcaster in Matt Millen.

Some have also expressed concern that top level GM and head coaching candidates may shy away from joining Detroit due to Spielman's role with the organization. 

The former linebacker will have a strong say and voice with the top individuals in Detroit's organization when key decisions need to be made. 

Will they trust in an individual without a significant amount of front office experience?

Spielman has years of experience witnessing how top level football is assembled and his role will be to share his knowledge of the game and what he has learned from top level organizations. 

The idea of being cautiously optimistic is fair since their are no guarantees, but the hiring of Spielman has a strong chance of being successful based on his investment level and the NFL experience he will bring to the organization. 

Do you believe in Chris Spielman? 

Vote and comment below.

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