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Divisional Round Desperation: Patriots Nation is ... Bills Mafia?

With New England again sitting home during the playoffs, who are Patriots fans rooting for this weekend?

Hate the Buffalo Bills. Or love the AFC East.

While former New England star Rob Gronkowski has the audacity to crow about joining "Bills Mafia" during the NFL playoffs, Patriots fans are understandably conflicted about Sunday's AFC Divisional Game between Buffalo and the Cincinnati Bengals.

New England played both teams during the regular season, going a combined 0-3.

The Patriots were lined up to beat the Bengals on Christmas Eve until running back Rhamondre Stevenson's fumble inside Cincinnati's 10-yard line in the final minute led to an excruciating 22-18 loss. And as for the Bills, of course, they have dominated New England in recent years including winning six of the last seven games by a combined score of 139-71.

The Pats' season has ended the last two years at Buffalo's Highmark Stadium, most recently in Week 18 when they surrendered two long kickoff returns in a 35-23 loss that left them 8-9 and out of the playoffs.

The Bengals start ex-Patriot Ted Karras at center. The Bills boast the feel-horrible-turned-feel-good story of the season in Damar Hamlin.

There was a time when Tom Brady and Bill Belichick helped the Patriots own this weekend. During the dynasty they played in 14 Divisional Round games, going an astounding 13-1 on their way to six Super Bowl titles.

But now, with the Pats not making it this far for the fourth consecutive year it's ...

Boast for the Bills to proudly carry the AFC East banner?

Or cherish the fact that no team from the division other than the Patriots has won a Super Bowl 1973?