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Rams Ranking: NFL ‘Cap Hell’ Coming?

The Rams haven't shied away from spending big this offseason as they gear up for another deep playoff run

The Los Angeles Rams were big spenders this offseason in order to retain existing star power and acquire new talent. General manager Les Snead pulled off some impressive signings and contract extensions to make it all work as the team prepares for a shot at repeat Super Bowls.

But at what cost for the Rams' future? Based on Snead's not-so-shy approach toward success in the here and now, it's likely he's only concerned about what things will look like this season and will save his worries for next offseason. 

However, based on PFF's release Tuesday of three-year salary cap outlooks for all 32 teams, the Rams could be in some spending trouble in the next few seasons. 

The Rams came in ranked 27th on the list, with 32nd being the team with the most cap trouble. This ranking was based on LA's 2023 UFA valuation (16th), active draft capital (30th), top 51 veteran valuation (seventh), total prorated money (29th), and 2022-2024 effective cap space (30th). 

Here's what PFF had to say about LA's cap situation: 

With the highest cash spend in the NFL for 2022 at $293 million, Los Angeles is spending almost $150 million more on its roster than the 32nd-ranked Chicago Bears at $148 million. The Rams rewarded their top offensive and defensive players coming off a Super Bowl win with monster extensions/raises for quarterback Matthew Stafford, wide receiver Cooper Kupp and interior defender Aaron Donald. 

The Von Miller loss likely helped pave the way for the arrival of wide receiver Allen Robinson II in free agency, and the Rams also added linebacker Bobby Wagner for good measure. Stafford’s team-friendly deal will help them out for the next few years as they continue to kick their cap obligations down the road.

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Should the Rams fail to capitalize on the signings of veterans like receiver Allen Robinson and linebacker Bobby Wagner along with the return of their core group of stars, the salary cap situation will be the hottest point of discussion next offseason. 

But until then, it's a wait-and-see mentality. After all, the Rams could persuade additional talent to head their way on team-friendly deals should another Lombardi Trophy be added to the case next February. 

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