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Rams New Offensive Coordinator? Thomas Brown 'Certainly' a Candidate

Could Thomas Brown - not Mike LaFleur - be the Los Angeles Rams' offensive coordinator in 2023?

The Los Angeles Rams emerged seemingly from nowhere to hire Mike LaFleur away from his role as the New York Jets' offensive coordinator ... but they've yet to give him a job title.

Considering the Rams are currently without an offensive coordinator following Liam Coen's departure to the University of Kentucky, the logical connection is that LaFleur will slide into that position.

So why hasn't it happened yet?

Perhaps it's because the Rams have another candidate in-house that they'd wish to promote - assistant head coach and tight end's coach Thomas Brown.

When asked weeks ago if Brown was in the mix to replace Coen, coach Sean McVay responded with "certainly," adding that Brown is "a great coach that is more than capable of being able to do that."

But the holdup is that Brown is also "absolutely" capable of jumping the coordinator ranks entirely and becoming a head coach of his own. He just finished an interview with the Houston Texans for their vacant head coach spot and received one from the Miami Dolphins a season ago, only further padding his resume as one of the hottest prospects in the coaching industry.

Brown, 36, is clearly ascending, and he's no stranger to praise - just look at how McVay described him.

"Unique, educated and impressive."

"Has a great pulse for the team."

"One of the greatest competitors I've ever been around." 

"He's got such a great disposition; very matter of fact, secure of himself, demanding of his guys."

McVay has created one of the best coaching trees in the league over the last six years, with 10 former assistants being coordinators or head coaches in the NFL - and defensive coordinator Raheem Morris has seen his fair share of head coach interviews during this cycle.

In essence, McVay has a keen eye for evaluating talent, not just on the field but in coaches, and for him to speak as highly of Brown as he consistently has is certainly a good indication of what the former NFL running back is made of.

A key reason as to why is Brown's ability to coach the person in addition to the player, enabling him to keep confidence high and get the most out of his guys.

“I think he's a great coach," McVay asserted. "I think the best coaches help bring out the best in their players and have different ways of understanding how to connect while still consistently being who you are day in and day out. Being able to adjust and/or adapt the way that you're able to connect and relate to these players (helps) elevate their game to the levels that they're capable of.

"I've always had a real appreciation for what Thomas brings to the table as a person and as a coach."

And now, Thomas may bring play calls to the table - if he doesn't get the Texans' head coaching job first.

Nonetheless, LaFleur's role is unclear ... while McVay's view of Brown is not - and those two things may certainly go hand in hands.

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