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Jared Goff Shares Why he Felt 'Some Disrespect' From Rams & Sean McVay

Jared Goff says he felt disrespected by the Rams in how things played out at the end of his tenure in Los Angeles.

Jared Goff will return to Los Angeles in Week 7 and face the Rams, his former team that drafted him No. 1 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft and a franchise that he once led to Super Bowl LIII.

Goff's falling out with Rams coach Sean McVay came to an abrupt ending. As McVay admitted earlier this week, there was a communication deficiency between the two upon making the deal to trade Goff to the Lions in a move that would allow the Rams to acquire quarterback Matthew Stafford. 

“I wish there was better, clear communication,” McVay said. “You don’t want to catch guys off guard. It came together a lot faster than anybody anticipated. But, yeah, of course. Anytime that tough decisions and things like that, where people are affected, you always want to be as understanding and as empathetic as possible, and think about it through the other person’s lens.”

In speaking to the Detroit media, Goff responded to the comments of his former coach.

“I appreciate it,” Goff said. “It takes a man to say something like that. So, yeah, I appreciate it. It still happened the way it did, but I do appreciate him saying that.”

While McVay claims that the deal to obtain Stafford came together in a relatively fast manner – quicker than initially thought – it did rub Goff the wrong way. As a result, Goff says he felt disrespected in how the situation was handled but indicates that he's not going to dwell on it once it's game time.

“Of course, you’re motivated and of course, you have the chip on your shoulder,” Goff said. “There was some disrespect felt towards the end, there was some sourness towards the end and you still feel that you have that chip on your shoulder. But, at the same time, when the game starts, if I let any of that come into how I’m gonna play the game, I’d be selfish.”

Clearly, Goff didn't care for the 'being left in limbo' approach while the Rams searched for his replacement. An open line of communication could have gone a long way upon sending him packing.

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While fans of the Rams have voiced their excitement to have Stafford and rightfully so – he's one of the game's top passers. It also should be stated that while things ended poorly with Goff, he too did some big things for the Rams organization.

Goff was an enormous figure in taking the Rams from one of the worst teams in the NFL to being a powerhouse in the league. Surely, Goff was surrounded by talented players at coaches, but he also put together a stretch that elevated the Rams into being one of the more prolific offenses in football.

Now, in focusing on what Goff will see Sunday – the likes of Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey – he knows far too well the problems that the L.A. defense can throw at their opposition.

“They’re really good,” Goff said. “That’s the No. 1 thing I know about practicing against those guys, they’re really good. I think I never truly understood how to game plan against Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald until you actually have to. I never had to play against those guys previously.”

As Goff has received recent criticism for his play in previous games – including choice words from his coach Dan Campbell – a win over Stafford and his former team would ease things considerably.

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