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Cam Jordan: "I feel like our team is so, so close to a championship"

If football started today, Cam Jordan would be ready to go for the Saints to help drive to a championship, and it sounds like he wouldn't be the only one.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan seems to be just fine after undergoing surgery on a core muscle injury in early February. How do we know? Jordan said so in the best way only Cam Jordan can put it while talking with the media on Thursday afternoon. The six-week ramp-up period seems intimidating and hard to deal with for players, but it's more than enough time to be ready to go for Jordan, who could suit up to play now.

Jordan said, "I mean if you said, 'Cam, could you play this Sunday at midnight?' I guess I'd meet you in the parking lot somewhere. I'm ready." 

"I assume you know the team meeting we had, and Sean (Payton) said I want everybody to come in and be in the best condition of your life. I assume everybody met that memo."

Jordan said he's talked recently to players like Craig Robertson and Demario Davis, who haven't stopped working during the offseason. They're just some of the guys that are 'biting at the bit' to get back into to the team's facility to prepare and try to win a Super Bowl. Like Terron Armstead earlier on Thursday, Jordan was asked about whether or not he considered opting out of the 2020 season. His response summed up the love and respect he has for his city, football, and the Saints.

"Uh, nope." Jordan said without hesitation.

"I feel like our team is so, so close to a championship," Jordan added.

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The decision didn't come alone, as Jordan cited that he and his family were on the same page in the process. 

"When you put so much work and effort into the team and headed into your 10th year with the team, your love for the team and love for New Orleans is so strong, it's like, look, the family understands and pushes for the football season just as much as I do."

Jordan discussed the many weapons the Saints defense has that makes them a top unit in the league, but something that stood out was what he said about Marcus Davenport. He believes they can be a special pass-rushing duo in 2020, and are coming off a year where they accounted for 21.5 of the Saints' 51 sacks.

"I'm always gonna say he's something like a freakish talent that you don't really see to be 6'7", 275-280 pounds and move the way he does. Now, it's all about lasering him on you know the subtleties of the game, the nuances, if you will, of the hand-eye coordination which he was starting to catch on strong last year, and all he needs to do is continue building on his year from last."

COVID-19 is going to make things look drastically different for the NFL, and the Saints are specifically doing testing right now outside the facility until anticipated physicals start on Saturday. The hope is that by Aug. 17 (Monday) the pads will be on, but this upcoming Monday should start weights, conditioning, walkthroughs, and meetings. As required by the league, the Saints made some modifications to their locker room to account for safety and limit exposure.

Sean Payton, who emphasized an even more focused approach to the new season on Wednesday, didn't allow the interview to linger, making a guest appearance on the conference call. It was all in good fun, but Payton interjected himself asking Jordan, "How long is this thing going to go on? How long have you been talking?" Payton jokingly said there were too many questions brought up, and allowed just two more to go on.