Saints Drew Brees' counters President Trump's praise

Kyle T. Mosley

Heroes face dilemmas in life. Sometimes they must let go of what's old and accept what's new. Most times, they fail, learn, get back into the fight, and win. The Who Dat Nation and his fellow Saints teammates were watching on social media and took notice of Brees' action. He confronted President Trump and his praise regarding his American flag statements in a Yahoo Finance interview.

In two days, Drew Brees has learned plenty. He decided to listen, respect, and embrace the trials and tribulations of his New Orleans Saints brothers. The players requested for Brees to understand their plight as African-American men in America.   They need him to realize his comments were insensitive to his fellow minority players, fans, and sports enthusiast. Most of all, they did not want to accept a simple apology; they demanded to see action.

Tonight, Drew Brees went to work.


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Why?  Because he confronted President Trump.  Most celebrities in support of the President often fail to reveal their opposing opinions.  Tonight, Drew Brees did not mince words.

Earlier today, President Trump praised Brees and said, "he didn't need to apologize to anyone" for his remarks. Thursday evening, the New Orleans Saints had a players meeting and allowed Drew to apologize. But, they gave him plenty to digest. This morning, he apologized twice. The first was in an Instagram post. The second was an Instagram video filled with emotion.



In response to President Trump's praise, Drew responded with this message:

Most heroes fall, but they learn to rise and fight again. Brees may not have fully comprehended how difficult the fight to eradicate racism, and social injustice will be in this country, but tonight is a good beginning.

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