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Bill Cowher Discusses Upcoming Rebuild for Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame coach seems confident in what the franchise can do moving forward.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are nearing unfamiliar territory as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger inches closer to retirement. 

For the first time in head coach Mike Tomlin's career, he'll need to replace a franchise quarterback. The man he succeeded, however, has some experience finding new play-callers for the Steelers. 

Bill Cowher returned to Pittsburgh to receive his Ring of Excellence at halftime of the Steelers Sunday Night Football game with the Seattle Seahawks. Prior to the game, the Hall of Fame coach spoke on the direction of the franchise, and the optimism he sees moving forward. 

"Building over and transitioning today is a quicker process than it was in the past," Cowher said. "There are so many ways in being able to retool a team."

Cowher discussed why the Steelers organization is built for continued success and why he believes there isn't worry moving forward. The man who drafted Roethlisberger seems confident they'll strive after him.

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