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Joe Burrow Blasts Ravens: They Like to Talk (And Give Up 41 Points)

The AFC trash talk is always fun. This time, the Cincinnati Bengals QB has something to say.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans won't smile much over the Cincinnati Bengals, but when Joe Burrow throws jabs at the Baltimore Ravens, it might bring a little joy to the black and gold. 

Burrow appeared on the Full Send podcast, and said the thing he likes the most about the Ravens is when they talk. And even when they're losing, Baltimore is always talking. 

"They talk. I love that," Burrow said, recalling a game when the score was "a lot to a little." 

"I threw for 520-something in the second one and I threw for 400-something in the first one. Ja'Marr [Chase] had like 260-something yards in the first game. Yeah, I love playing the Ravens. They like to talk. I don't start the talking, but I usually - if someone pokes me, I talk a little bit."

The games Burrow recalled were 41-17 and 41-21 victories for Cincinnati. Maybe not great times for Steelers fans, but knowing the Ravens still try to talk smack when they're down three scores is a little funny. 

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