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Bleacher Report Totally Whiffs on Steelers Offseason Grade

Unless you have different thoughts on James Washington and Chris Oladokun, this breakdown of the Pittsburgh Steelers is rough.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made plenty of noteworthy moves this offseason, but also had some major departures. And according to Bleacher Report, they barely did enough to fill those losses. 

Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox graded the Steelers' offseason as a "C+" naming their attempt to replace Ben Roethlisberger as their biggest downfall. That being said, he also names "key" departures such as JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Washington and Trai Turner as reasons to be weary of the upcoming season. 

"The additions of Mason Cole and James Daniels should improve the line some, and Myles Jack should help bolster the run defense," Knox wrote. "However, the Steelers also parted with guard Trai Turner and lost two key offensive pieces in JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Washington.

"Second-round pick George Pickens and fourth-rounder Calvin Austin III may eventually replace them, but rookie pass-catchers are always a crapshoot."

The Steelers will thrust Pickens and Austin into significant roles this season, but the players they will attempt to replace aren't coming off high seasons. 

Smith-Schuster dealt with an injury, leaving him absent since Week 5, and Washington finished his final run in Pittsburgh with 24 receptions, 285 yards and two touchdowns. 

On the other hand, Knox highlights the Steelers' quarterback battle as something they've given themselves a chance with. However, his reasoning is because of their ability to keep first-round pick Kenny Pickett off the field - and possibly have seventh-round pick Chris Oladokun on it. 

"The good news is that Pittsburgh gave itself options at quarterback by signing Mitch Trubisky and taking a seventh-round flier on South Dakota State's Chris Oladokun," Knox wrote. "Mason Rudolph is in the mix as well. The Steelers won't have to rush Pickett on to the field before he's ready."

The Steelers didn't fill every whole, and certainly have question marks heading into training camp. Looking at their offseason as a whole, a "C+" might not even be an awful grade. The reasoning behind it, however, it rough. 

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