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Larry Ogunjobi Reveals Difference Between Steelers, Bengals Sides of Rivalry

There's a difference between the way the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals view the AFC North matchup.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals rivalry has been more intense in recent years. Two of the top dogs in the AFC North seemingly battle each year for a shot at the crown, with Cincy taking over last season. 

The rivalry isn't dead, though - by no means. It's felt by both teams, and the Bengals are still looking at it like they need to remain on top of the powerhouse that has been the Steelers. 

How do we know? Larry Ogunjobi. 

The former Bengal was a part of the 2021 Super Bowl-run team, and gave the insight that Cincinnati fully understands - or at least understood - that the Steelers were the team to beat in the division. 

"There's always a respect factor," Ogunjobi told All Steelers. "Being on Cleveland too, just seeing how it's been all throughout the AFC North, I think there's a respect factor to each team, but I know the Steelers have been over the years. So getting over that hump last year was important, but I understand there's a level of respect for both sides."

The Steelers' new defensive tackle will start for his third AFC North team, and his first game will be against his second AFC North team. 

"It's going to be a good time," Ogunjobi said. "Good to see those boys again, good to play against them. I'm excited for the opportunity."

Talking about the difference between each team, Ogunjobi said what stood out about Cincinnati was as "team-oriented" as it gets. An atmosphere that reminded him of high school, you could feel the chemistry with a young team like the Bengals. 

For the Steelers, the difference is how they approach the rivalry. The Bengals knew they needed to win against the Steelers - and prepared for it as such. In Pittsburgh, their nameless grey faces theory lives on against every team, AFC North included.

"The bigger thing is just our level of readiness," Ogunjobi said. "Our preparedness, our attention to detail, not beating ourselves, that's the main focus."

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