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'Damn Good Player' - Texans Coach Confident In Rookie OL Kenyon Green

Houston Texans offensive line coach George Warhop expressed his confidence in the eventual success of rookie guard Kenyon Green.

If the Houston Texans have it their way, first-round rookie guard Kenyon Green will be a building block for this young offense for years to come.

Speaking on Tuesday, offensive line coach George Warhop addressed what makes the team confident that they will be able to build around the Texas A&M alumnus.

"Did you watch him play at A&M? He was a damn good player at A&M," Warhop said. "He was a physical player, and for a big man, he had really good short area movement. And he's a smart player, made very few mental errors at A&M."

The 6-4, 323-pound 21-year-old might be nimble for his size and already "a damn good player," but being a rookie there's always going to be a learning curve.

"Number one it's the change in what you were used to doing in college and what we're asking you to do here," Warhop said. "Number two the level of play. Every week you're playing against the best player you played in college...and then number three is just consistency, the level of consistency that's required to be a very good offensive lineman is extreme and you have to be intentional about that and that's just a process of learning."

Not only does Green need to acclimate to his new surroundings and the level of competition he'll be facing weekly, but the versatile lineman may need time to adjust to being a permanent left guard.

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"For him, it's just time on task," Warhop said. "He would play mostly on the right side at A&M, we've got him on the left side so that's a little bit of a change."

Currently sidelined with an injury, Green doesn't look likely to feature in Houston's preseason opener against the New Orleans Saints this weekend - as is also the case with fellow first-rounder cornerback Derek Stingley Jr

But while Green will have to wait a little longer to make his NFL debut, the Texans seem certain the 15th overall pick will be worth the wait.

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