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Source: Texans 'Touch Base' With GM Candidate Dorsey

Source Tells SI The Houston Texans 'Touch Base' With GM Candidate John Dorsey

In NFL circles, John Dorsey has a reputation of being a skilled personnel guy but a tough-to-please co-worker and boss. He helped build the talented rosters that still exist in both Kansas City and Cleveland ... but he's presently not employed in the league maybe as much because of his management style as his management substance.

It's quite possible that his "style'' would not be a fit with the Houston Texans, who are of course in the market for a GM. Nevertheless, sources tell, Dorsey and the Texans have been in recent contact, at least exploring the idea of a fit.

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We cannot confirm the CBS report that the Texans' search firm is pushing for Dorsey. But the suggestion from this reports that Dorsey "will interview'' are wrong in this sense: He already has, at some level, in "touch-base'' form.

Cleveland parted ways with general manager Dorsey last December after two years at the helm, in large part because the seemingly-talented roster that he helped build underperformed. Essentially that same group is now 5-2 today.

Kansas City fired him in 2017, but only after his arrival after the Chiefs' disastrous 2-14 season in 2012. From there, Kansas City has become a powerhouse, again based largely on the talent base he helped create.

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It was written as he departed Kansas City (via Terez A. Paylor of the Kansas City Star) that Dorsey lacked "internal communications skills.''

"John does stuff and doesn't tell people why," one source said. Another said Dorsey's style of management "could wear on people."

But ... during the final four years of his tenure, the Chiefs had a 43-21 record. And of course they've continued on with excellence, including a win in last year's Super Bowl. And Kansas City, like Cleveland, is a contender now.

Houston chairman Cal McNair and company of course have the right - really, the obligation - to choose a GM with whom they can work with peacefully. Popular names need not to only be top-notch ... but also compatible with ownership.

The Texans also have an obligation to provide some level of clarity in the search - at least in regard to who is in charge. The organization itself has sent conflicting messages about the power structure, leading to exploring the involvement (and credentials) of interim GM Jack Easterby.

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Our sense is that Dorsey is not viewed that way at Texans HQ. But this cannot just be a "friends-and-family'' search for new leadership in the coach and GM chairs; this must be "look-under-every-stone'' search. And a recent conversation with John Dorsey - even one that might've "worn on people'' despite its brevity - marks a step in the search.