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Life of Teemu Selanne now a movie

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By Allan Muir

This is a big weekend for North American movie fans. There's Oscar bait from Ron Howard in the James Hunt/Niki Lauda biopic Rush. There's Scarlet Johansson fleshing out the chandelier girl character from Saturday Night Live in Don Jon. There's Bill Hader cashing a check for Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, and Metallica's massive vanity project Through The Never.

There's something for everybody. But that's pretty slim consolation for missing out on the debut of the one movie we really want to see: Sel8nne.

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Yes, the life of the Finnish Flash has been given the big budget documentary treatment, but the film is only being released in his native land. For now, anyway.

"I have been asked a couple of years now about doing this film, but until now I have answered that I don't have the time for this kind of project and I'm not sure I want to part of a project this magnitude," Selanne told Finnish website last year. "But the [Jari Litmanen, a Finnish soccer legend] documentary gave me courage that maybe I could do a movie, too."

"We’re going quite deep," he said. "The story has to be honest and right, otherwise it’s not worth it."

Director JP Siili promised the movie will go well beyond the highlights. "As a hockey fan, I want to see a lot of great goals and passes, too" Siili said. "But I'm interested in the anatomy of the superstar, to go under the skin with the viewer. To show who Teemu really is as a person, how he became what he is today, what experiences he's had with wins and losses, sacrifices and learning experiences and what will he take from all this after his career."

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