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A six-year-old video showing Larkin and an old bantam teammate having a bit of fun went viral this week.

By Allan Muir
February 11, 2016

Dylan Larkin’s making quite a name for himself this year. The rookie forward leads the Red Wings in scoring and earned an invite to the All-Star Game in Nashville, where he stunned the hockey world by winning the fastest skater contest.

But it’s the name he made for himself as a middle schooler that might end up being the highlight of his season.

A six-year-old video showing Larkin and an old bantam teammate having a bit of fun went viral this week. The 3 1/2-minute clip shows the pair putting on a shooting display that’s actually pretty impressive for a couple of kids, but it’s their goofy personas that make it a classic. The two talk about “getting in a quick snip show session down in the dungeon,” and flash their favorite “whips.”

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But it’s the decision to identify himself as D-Boss that’s coming back to haunt him.

Not that he has any regrets.


“When we were 13 we were hoping that it would blow up and get a bunch of views. So it's fun,” Larkin told the team’s website. “Looking back, yeah, it's a little bit embarrassing, it makes me cringe a little bit but I was a kid. I was young.”

Naturally, Larkin’s teammates are making the most of this chance to roast the rookie.

“They’re all having fun with it,” he said. “I guess I have to own it. It’s already out there."

The team’s fans are all over it, too. Several have been spotted at Joe Louis Arena waving signs of support for D-Boss.

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Larkin’s prepared for the possibility that the nickname might stick. 

“I don’t mind it, I guess,” he said. “It’s kind of funny. We’ll see, I guess.”

He even fanned the flames a bit with a postgame tweet after Wednesday’s 3-1 win over the Senators.

You know, maybe D-Boss isn’t the worst nickname in the world.

The only question now: what else is in Larkin’s video vault?

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