ASWA Honors: Presidents Award, Bill Shelton Award, Herby Kirby Award For Story of the Year

The Alabama Sports Writers Association biggest annual honors include the Herby Kirby Award for story of the year
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The Alabama Sports Writers Association is adding a new honor of distinction in 2021, with the creation of the Presidents Award for the individual who best exemplifies the spirit of athletics in the state. 

The honor will be similar in nature to the already existing Bill Shelton Award, named after the late Cullman Times sports editor, which recognizes a writer's contributions to his newspaper, the industry and the community. However, the Presidents Award is meant to recognize someone exemplary outside of the ASWA membership, who is often outside of the spotlight. 

Nominations for the Presidents Award may be made at any time to 

The winner will be determined by a newly created Presidents Council, featuring those who have served as ASWA president over the years, and honored during the annual convention and award banquet in June. 

ASWA Presidents

1974-75 George Smith, Anniston Star

1975-76 Paul Cox, Opelika-Auburn News

1976-78 Bill Lumpkin, Birmingham Post-Herald

1978-80 John Pruett, Huntsville Times

1980-82 Wayne Hester, Anniston Times

1982-84 Phillip Marshall, Montgomery Advertiser

1984-86 John Pruett, Huntsville Times

1986-88 Al Burleson, Huntsville Times

1988-92 Kirk McNair, Bama Magazine

1993-94 Charles Hollis, Birmingham News

1995-96 Ray Melick, Birmingham Post-Herald

1997-98 Doug Segrest, Birmingham News

1999-2000 Tommy Hicks, Mobile Register

2001-02 Phillip Tutor, Anniston Star

2003-04 Kevin Scarbinsky, Birmingham News

2005-06 Greg Seitz, Jacksonville State University

2007-08 Mark McCarter, Huntsville Times

2009-10 Ben Thomas, Mobile Press-Register

2011-12 Gregg DeWalt, Florence Times Daily

2013-14 Jon Johnson, Dothan Eagle

2015-16 Tommy Hicks, Mobile

2017-18 John Zenor, Associated Press

2019-20 Creg Stephenson,

2021-22 Christopher Walsh, BamaCentral

Bill Shelton Award Winners

2000 Jimmy Smothers

2001 John Pruett

2002 Al Browning

2003 Ross Wood

2004 Mark McCarter

2005 Jon Johnson

2006 Ron Ingram

2007 Mark Edwards

2008 Lew Gilliand

2009 Tommy Deas

2010 Steve Irvine

2011 Mike Szvetitz

2012 Kim Shugart

2013 Andrew Carroll

2014 Shannon Fagan

2015 Greg DeWalt

2016 John Zenor

2017 Ben Thomas

2018 Solomon Crenshaw

2019 Jeff McIntyre

2020 Tommy Hicks

Herby Kirby Award (Story of the Year)

1974 Wayne Hester, Anniston Star

1975 Paul Cox, Opelika-Auburn News

1976 Mike McKenzie, Tuscaloosa News

1977 Al Browning, Tuscaloosa News

1978 John Pruett, Huntsville Times

1979 Al Browning, Tuscaloosa News

1980 Bill Lumpkin, Birmingham Post-Herald

1981 Bill Lumpkin, Paul Finebaum, Rubin Grant, Birmingham Post-Herald

1982 Paul Finebaum, Birmingham Post-Herald

1983 Wayne Martin, Birmingham News

1984 Chuck Finder, Birmingham News

1985 Bob Mayes, Huntsville Times

1986 John Pruett, Huntsville Times

1987 Ron Ingram, Birmingham News

1988 Kevin Scarbinsky, Birmingham News

1989 Wayne Martin, Birmingham News

1990 Ray Melick, Richard Scott, Birmingham Post-Herald

1991 Bill Lumpkin, Birmingham Post-Herald

1992 Mike Marshall, Huntsville Times

1993 Mike Marshall, Huntsville Times

1994 Mike Marshall, Huntsville Times

1995 Phillip Marshall, Huntsville Times

1996 Tommy Hicks, Mobile Register

1997 Richard Scott, Birmingham Post-Herald

1998 Ted Miller, Mobile Register

1999 Tommy Hicks, Mobile Register

2000 Mike Bolton, Doug Segrest, Bob Carlton, Birmingham News

2001 Jimmy Creed, Anniston News

2002 Mike Bolton, Doug Segrest, Bob Carlton, Birmingham News

2003 Jimmy Creed, Anniston Star

2004 Phillip Marshall, Huntsville Timess

2005 Mark McCarter, Huntsville Times

2006 Christopher Walsh, Tuscaloosa News

2007 Jon Solomon, Erin Stock, Birmingham News

2008 Kevin Scarbinsky, Birmingham News

2009 Don Kausler Jr., Ray Mellick, Kevin Scarbinsky, Birmingham News

2010 Jon Solomon, Birmingham News

2011 Jon Solomon, Birmingham News

2012 Alex Scarborough, Tuscaloosa News

2013 Ryan Wood, Opelika-Auburn News)

2014 Christopher Walsh, BamaOnline

2015 Shannon Fagan, Cherokee County Herald

2016 Gregg DeWalk, Florence Times-Daily

2017 Josh Bean,

2018 Creg Stephenson,

2019 Stacy Long, Montgomery Advertiser

2020 Christopher Walsh, BamaCentral